Letting the Team Down?


As it is the release of Resident Evil 5 today and I have spent the last few hours hovering over my friend’s shoulder watching him play it, I unfortunately found myself disappointed at what could of been a potentially good female game character. It’s not the way Sheva is dressed, nor how she looks or or the way she speaks. In fact, it’s absolutely no fault of her own. Let me explain… Within only a few minutes of play, my friend had already formed a hatred towards this woman. Because she is an AI partner to the playable character ‘Chris Redfield’, she will obviously have drawbacks. Getting in the way, shooting when you don’t want her to, using health spray when you don’t want it etc. This is usually the norm when having a partner in a game, but unfortunately she’s setting the example for the female species. And from what I heard emit from my friends mouth the past few hours, she’s not doing a good job.

A few examples:

“Move out the way, b***h!”

“F*****g b***h!”

“Can she be any more stupid?”

“Don’t use it now you daft b***h”

etc.. etc.. And not too long after, another friend game to visit and they both exchanged angry words regarding Shiva. I’m sure the intentions of using a female partner were good, but I think instead of portraying a strong, willful, respectable character, she has been observed to be an annoying, daft, stupid, waste-of-space woman. I hope that in meeting more Resident Evil 5 players, I will find someone who holds a different opinion.


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